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    Do you struggle to find the best areas for activities in Lofoten? You're not the only one.With endless possibilities and no easy way of finding them all, you are sure to miss out on some of the best experiences in Lofoten if you don't know exactly where to go. At lofotenmaps.com, we provide an overview map with some of the best sites and locations in Lofoten so that you can easily explore everything this beautiful area has to offer. The overwiew maps takes you to some of the best places in Lofoten! It is based on our experience with travelling and mapping in these areas and shows also places with less turists but of course all the most famous places. Most people go to Lofoten by car but many misses several of the most scenic routes and smaller beaches because on the web it is difficult to get an overview and all end up in the same spots.
  • about the map

    This map provides an overview of the relevant area and locates the most interesting places in relation to each other. The problem with many maps on the web is that when you zoom in you get lost in detail and looses the overview - that is why we have made this map - to give an overview. What makes this map also unique is that it highlights beautiful beaches and scenic driving routes, great landscapes but also practical amenities such as foodshops, camping sites, fuel stations, and public restrooms. More detailed hiking maps are necessary for exploring mountain trails in detail. Accomodation and restaurants is best found on the web because those kind of data changes all the time.
    Kart Vestvågøya
  • Would you prefer a papermap for 17 Euros or a digital map for 7 Euros?

    What is the advantage of a papermap? Is not everything digital these days? Nothing is like gathering around a papermap with your friends and plan trips when everybody can se the same information at the same time. It is easiere to get an larger overview in one glance, you can draw on it with a pen and it can handle some humidity. Well - ok we get it - we are all different and there also advantages with a digital map - you get it right away and everybody go everywhere with the cellphone in the pocket. It is totaly up to you. You can get at digital version for your mobile phone through Avenza Maps. with connection to GPS. Or you can get an digital jpg-format for PC in the shop here at lofotenmaps.com

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  • Are you planning to go to Lofoten via Saltstraumen and Bodø? Check out our specialmade maps for hiking in the scale 1:15000-1:20000!

  • Idyllic hiking maps

    Can a map be idyllic? Of course we try to make inviting and beatuiful maps, but you probably get it. An idyllic map tries to show the way to what many of us really are after: Beautiful places and landscapes and great experiences and the freedom of discovering these places on our own and at our own pace and still have finances for food when you get home after the holiday. Are you an outdoor adventurer? Have you been searching for the perfect map to help you find beautiful places and landscapes while exploring? With endless amounts of maps out there, it can be difficult to find a map that will provide accurate directions and lead you to beatuiful locations. Here at lofotenmaps.com and kartografen.no, we’re striving to create idyllic maps that help you discover beautiful places and landscapes. Our maps are designed especially for hikers and are updated regularly so that you always have the most accurate information. Get your hands on our maps today for a great outdoor exploration experience!

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